What does this body make? (Tanz Workshop)

Freitag - 20.09.2019 - Samstag - 21.09.2019



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How do we conceive of self and our body?  What scripts are at work? What role does our perception play? How does gender and identity perform itself at the perceptual level? How do these things implicate „other“ and design they ways we relate to ourselves, each other and environment? Queer theorists and gender theorists suggest ways in which we can reorient or subvert our embodied inclinations. Is/can dance be a hopeful intervention in the space between conscious and unconscious? And in what form? A workshop? A forum? A Performance? A protest?
During this class we will use our individual and group body to make and unmake ourselves. We will combine somatic exercises adapted to engage questions about how we construct our bodies and how they are constructed by language, systems, and environments. Proposals are seeded from queer, feminist, and critical race theory as well as psychology, self-help, and our imaginations that exemplify and disrupt the way identity is embodied.
We focus attention to the pressure spaces exert, to the relationship ofsubject/object as well as the act of relating. We play with with orientation and disorientation and trying to read what our bodies are making through a variety of lenses.  We witness ourselves as bodily archives creating and recreating systems through movement and interaction.

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