soft drinks for queers & friends

Samstag - 06.08.2022



Eintritt: Eintritt frei

Erreichbarkeit mit dem Rollstuhl: -

Toiletten, ggf. Umkleideräume: unisex

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We have missed you! We have taken time to take care of ourselves and
reorganize as a collective. But we are back and would love to invite you
on the 06/08/2022 to a cozy get-together for family, friends, newbies
and all interested. An evening with some soft drinks and music by rike,
skilan, frawn, aua&angst and our amazing guest DJ, shay.

For this evening we want to create a safer space with you together. We
do not tolerate transgressive, abusive or discriminatory behavior at our
events, including sexist, racist, antisemitic, transphobic or
queerphobic behavior. With our events, we want to create spaces in which
FLINTA and Queers are at the center. So let’s be aware and intentional
about giving and taking space as well as taking care of each other. As
soon as we share space we also share responsibilities with and for each
other. 💖

Please come tested!